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Sohmer Pianos


Founded by German immigrant Hugo Sohmer in 1872, Sohmer and Co. was owned and managed by the Sohmer family in New York City for 110 years, most recently by the founder's grandsons Harry and Robert Sohmer. The Sohmer brothers sold the company in 1982 to Pratt, Read and Co., America's leading manufacturer of piano keys and actions. Due to the decline of the U.S. piano industry and foreign competition, Pratt, Read had excess manufacturing capacity and a skilled work force, so the match seemed like a good one, and Sohmer and Co. was moved to Ivoryton, Connecticut. The Sohmer brothers moved, too, and for a while continued to play a part in managing the company.

Sound Production

The Sohmer piano is unique in that it is an "All American" piano, utilizing designs, materials and manufacturing methods the same or very similar to those used by Steinway when it was located in New York. The famous Pratt-Reed action, solid brass hardware, sand-cast solid cast iron plate, Strunz solid spruce soundboard and all are of the same quality and specifications that made Sohmer one of the finest pianos made in America.


During its many years in New York, the Sohmer piano was known as a fine handcrafted instrument. Sohmer had a close informal association with the other major New York piano maker, Steinway, and many of Sohmer's manufacturing methods were similar to Steinway's.